Multi-projectors for arbitrary surfaces without explicit calibration nor reconstruction

This paper presents a new approach allowing one or more projectors to display an undistorted image on a surface of unknown geometry. To achieve this, a single camera is used to capture the viewer’s perspective of the projection surface. No explicit camera and projector calibration is required since only their relative geometries are computed using structured light patterns. There is no specific constraint on the position or the orientation of the projectors and the camera with respect to the projection surface, except that the area visible to the camera must be covered by the projectors. The procedure defines a function establishing the correspondence of each pixel of a projector image to a pixel of the camera image. After the mapping of each projector has been carried out, one can display an image corrected in real-time for the point of view of an observer, which takes into account his position, the surface distortion, and the projector position and orientation. This method automatically takes into account any distortion in the projector lenses. Typical applications of this method include projection in small rooms, shadow elimination and wide screen projection using multiple projectors. Intensity blending can be combined to our method to ensure minimal visual artifacts. The implementation has shown convincing results for many configurations.

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